Great communicator, calm approach, good attitude and an almost obsessive attention to detail when it comes to your online presence

Yes that's me. I understand how important your business is to you.

However, you can only do business if people can find you, you can only help people if they know where you are, and you can only bring attention to causes that matter to you if have a dynamic online presence.

When they know who you are and where they can find you - you've got a fighting chance.

And of course you have me on your side....and it doesn't get much better than that....

You can't do much of anything if no one knows you or knows your organisation exists, so let me help you jump into people's consciousness online in the most energetic, dynamic and jaw-dropping way possible.


Where are your clients???

It’s a frustrating place to be. You’ve got all the gifts. All the experience. All of the training.

You know you can change people’s lives in a dramatic and positive way, for the better and your business is well, the bizz - you just need to bring attention to what it is you're creating, organising, planning, selling.

You may have come up with a programme that will help people, or you've got a great idea...but you don't have a clue how to put yourself and your organisation out there.

First and foremost, I specialise in About Me Pages for clients globally.

However, I can also provide web copy for all of your website, if that’s what you need.

Possibly you may already have an established website, but the content just isn’t doing you any favours and it needs refreshing. You need something better, something that will get people's attention for all the right reasons.

And you probably already know that your website is the most important marketing tool you possess.…

I mean your website can do all of the selling and marketing, while you get on with business, but it needs content that’s both persuasive and engaging.

You need content that reaches out to those you’re looking for, words that express how much you understand and how you can help, and that you have the solution to their problem, a scratch for their itch.

There’s one page that I can really make some magic with…

Your About Me Page

Er, you do realise how important a selling tool your About Me Page is right? …did you know that…NO!,?

Were you aware that people visit your About Me Page nearly as often as your Home Page? In fact, it’s the second most visited page.

Clients pay me to create content that mirrors their industry perfectly so they can attract their own clients. I create web copy that's intelligently written, engaging, concise and profitable.

In essence I express a client's ideas through the power of words, making sure they’re dynamic enough to engage.

I narrow things down and spend time on that one special ingredient - your brand story, your personal journey, your offers and your sales, and ending it with a powerful call to action. I can turn that About Me Page into something very special.

I can turn it into a fruity little sales page with all the fireworks…

I can set your copy on fire, to the power of 10, bringing in your target audience...

And I can do that with a bio that simply explodes off the page and makes people connect with you, and with a story that resonates like no other.

And guess what?

If you need it customised to fit your LinkedIn bio, a press release or your FB business page, I can do that as well.

If you want words that set your website on fire and speak directly to your target audience, then I can help you do exactly that.

Let me be the one to make your copy jump out of the page and make people want to work with you!

I create words that bring in those all important clients.

I can create your About Me Pages with persuasive and compelling words and get to the heart of how you want to reach people, with a story that tells people exactly why you do what you do and exactly what your business is really about.

You can’t help people if they don’t stick around your website for longer than 5 seconds, if no one even understands what you do ….no one will find out how you work, what you’re about or who you are.

You need potential clients to stick around for longer than that - and with my help, they will...

Drop me an email message, go to my contact page or you can book a call on the button below…

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