Hello, ever wondered how potential clients, your ideal clients, are going to find you?

It’s tough out there, there are all sorts of people trying to grab your attention. The internet is a hive of activity and you, like millions of others are trying to attract customers, clients, people you want to reach, your ideal target audience.

Thing is, it’s really hard to make yourself known, and a person’s attention span is really short on the internet, they stay for around 10 seconds till they move on to the next site. So you need to have really good copy that stops them in their tracks and speaks their language, that reaches out to them, touches on their pain points, that makes them want to stick around and find out what you’re all about.

If up until now your web copy has been dry and uneventful, then I can certainly help create the kind of copy that will keep potential clients/users on your page and make them want to stay.

In a nutshell, I’m your solution. I can create the kind of copy that will help you to attract clients, engage with them and keep them, helping you to not only help the kind of people you’ve been looking for, but to be your own success story.

Who am I?

I'm someone who's interested in people. I studied history, which is of course about people, so I specialized in social history. I then did my teaching for early years (P.G.C.E), a P.G.C.M in management, and then an MA in practice-led research and research-led practice in the creative arts.

As you can see I have a fascinating and eclectic history of my own, one I can rely on to help me create the kind of content that speaks to your target audience. I like getting to the heart of what you need to say, it’s people you’re reaching out to, and I can help you do it better.

I’m a copywriter and content strategist working with coaches, NGOs, research institutes and charities. At the core of everything I do is my interest in people and what motivates their actions and decisions. How do people win their battles, how do they cope with life trauma, good times and bad?

I love film, documentaries, books (I’m constantly reading), poetry, words, anything in fact that tells a human story of triumph over disaster.

I can help you create the most persuasive and sparkling content for your business that best reflects what you do and who you’re trying to reach, so you increase conversions and get more visitors to your website. So why not get in touch and we can bounce some ideas off each other...?

Email: gillianjones@taithcopywritinguk.com

Get ahead of the competition with my web copy and get in front of the people you need to...

I can explain the benefits of what you offer and weave in any amazing features, so you stand apart - in a really unique way.

Whether it’s cleverly written standalone web copy you want, or webcopy backed up with emails that spin a story, exploring benefits and features in a unique and standout way, it has to be be YOU they call.

Get in touch so we can start making your business/organisation/charity/research institute a real success story - for you AND your clients, users or investors.

Email: gillianjones@taithcopywritinguk.com  or fill in the form on my contact page and let's start working together.

Phone calls by appointment only.

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