When it comes to online content - keep it simple

“Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort.”  Tariq Ramadan

“Clarity and consistency are not enough: the quest for truth requires humility and effort.” Tariq Ramadan

I search for the truth when I write copy, and I try to write in a sincere and uncomplicated way, this has not been easy. I’ve had to give up the long over-convoluted sentences and the complicated words. Nobody wants to read an academic dissertation on door replacements, nobody wants to read a soliloquy on house extensions. So it must be simple and to the point.

I try to write like a human being, not a genius, not someone desperate to impress. I don’t want to create long complicated sentences no one can understand. Or write like someone who doesn’t know how to connect with a reader, a person who only writes for themselves and a select few.

There are no half-measures, no passive voices, no weasley words.

I work towards the following:

To be clean and concise

No passive voice

Less of the ‘perhaps’ or ‘maybe’ when I’m copywriting

To create compelling subject headers

To understand the objective

To know my audience

Find a unique selling point.

I save flowery language for myself, but it’s a hard habit to break once you start. After all, if I want you to understand me, to fully comprehend what I’m telling you, I can’t hide behind elaborate or complex language.

When I am the selling point, how can I show you my value?

Perhaps it depends on the message, on what it is I want to convey, but there’s nothing wrong with being a connoisseur of the weasel if it leads to clarity and understanding, if it means I abandon the verbal weasel and reach you, YOU out there.

David Ogilvy said the problem with being a copywriter was “To make the public believe the true things we say. It’s no use telling the truth if people don’t believe you.”

I want you to believe what I say.

This is regardless of whether I have my copywriter head on, or when I’m off duty.

Clarity and truth are the end goal.

I am a copywriter. I am also a human being.