Copywriting and learning new tricks

Life as well as work is all about learning and I must say, I love to learn. I've never lost my thirst for knowledge and I doubt I ever will. Yes, I've been through the academic carousel of learning and the university of life, now I'm on the roller coaster of vocational learning. I'm here to pick up all I can to make me the best copywriter I can be, and when I'm the best that I can be, I'm more of an asset to my clients.

And there is so much to learn from copywriting, there's always new technology, new techniques and new ways of doing things. If you don't participate, if you aren't willing to stay ahead of the curve you might get left behind. Reading is good, as there's a lot of learning to be had from books, but they can go hand in hand with the teaching and the learning. Get all you can from online articles, quality courses and books by people you trust in the industry, and you won't go far wrong, never lull yourself into thinking you now know it all, because that may be your downfall. Be like a child thirsty for knowledge, be willing to stretch yourself, and that way, not only will you be good at your job, you'll enjoy it more too.

When I feel my work is getting stale, when I feel there's something I'm not really getting a good enough grasp of, then it's to the books and the courses I go, and to those more experienced and knowledgeable than myself. I've never believed that you can't teach an old dog new tricks, or that you shouldn't teach a grandmother to suck eggs. There's always room for improvement, and there's only so much you can teach yourself.

So, I hope to be a new and improved copywriter, the same yet different. Someone who can apply the same rules but use fresh new techniques. We're all selling here, it's not rocket science, but if you can enjoy what you do, and do it to the best of your ability with what you've learnt, then that's great. And what's even better is that your clients get to benefit, and when they win so do you.

It's a win-win situation.