Copywriting and outsourcing - should you?

First posted on Wordpress 5th October by Gillian

I’ll never outsource until I can pay other copywriters more

I’ve never outsourced work. There are a couple of reasons for this. One is that I’m able to manage all my work at the moment without the need to outsource, and secondly I haven’t been paid enough to outsource my work to anyone else. And I will stick to that until I do.

I want to enjoy my work not learn to hate it

Although I have many private clients, some of them come from a worker-for-hire website I won’t name.

Here, there are many copywriters who outsource their work and are on the same level as I am (the workers on this site are graded in order of experience and feedback).

The work they outsource, I imagine, comes from clients who’ve offered more work than they can handle. However, the price they offer for the work at is abysmal.

Outsourcing – poorly paid work

The rates per blog are awful. We’re talking £6.50 to £10 per 500 word blogs. Complain about the rate and you’ll get more or less the same response – “That’s what I’m getting and I can’t do anything about it,” or “if you don’t like it don’t apply.”

Although I’ve been tempted, I’ve never outsourced if the pay is moderate.

It might be okay for me for a number of reasons. Perhaps I can afford to work at this rate, or maybe I don’t mind being paid poorly if the topic is interesting enough.

However, having said that, it’s been some time since I worked for £6.50 or £10 per blog.

If I’m honest, I feel too embarrassed to outsource work to other copywriters if it’s poorly paid.

If it’s a low rate per blog for me, then I’m going to have to drop it even lower to make a profit. Knowing how hard my copywriting journey has been, I would never expect anyone else to work for as little as that.

If you’re getting paid more, why would you want anyone else to work for less, who’s doing the same work as you?

Soul destroying and for very little reward

Outsourced copywriting work – repetitive, poorly paid, demanding

The work is usually repetitive, personal injury, casinos (a popular topic) and various gossipy topics that require you to write like “mashable” or “buzzfeed,” both sites I don’t particularly like anyway.

It’s churning out so many per hour on the same topic over and over again.

No matter how great your imagination is, or how fantastic your creative juices are – writing 10 blogs per day, 5 days of the week will be enough to drive anyone to writers block.

Content mill writing disguised as something else

The requirement will be to write fast, the copywriters will say they don’t want you to work for just £6.50 an hour, but if you’re willing to write a few per hour, you’ll be earning a lot more!!

Content mill work – so uninspiring

I guess that’s one way of justifying it, but at the end of the day its content mill work in disguise. It’s the sort of thing I did when I’d just started out.

No matter which way you look at it, to me, that’s not copywriting.

Copywriting, outsourced work – it’s up to you

At the end of the day, it’s up to you whether you choose to do it, but taking on so much work will more or less cancel out the possibility of any new clients.

At some point you’re going to burn out, because no one can churn out content like that over and over again without crashing.

Not all work outsourced is bad, some of it is good – but be choosy which one you decide to go with.

What you want is a portfolio of satisfying, varied and interesting work, with clients that pay you what you’re worth.

Don’t accept anything less.

If you take on low paid, outsourced work you’ll be pulling your hair out