Copywriting and the value of words

"Hire people who are better than you are, then leave them to get on with it."  David Ogilvy

I've had the impression over the years that not every potential client sets a value on writing, perhaps not in the same way they would a new website design, a logo creation or an illustration. And I suppose it's because there's an assumption that everyone can write but not everyone can design a website, create a logo or create a picture.


Despite the fact we can all write, not everyone can write well. If that were the case, then copywriters would be redundant. In fact, it's not enough just to be able to write well either, you need to be able to write in such a way that customers will arrive on your website or landing page and act, buy, sign up, or pay attention to whatever it is you're telling them.

You could try writing it yourself, and then perhaps come to the startling realisation that you need someone to help, because what you've written simply isn't working and you're not getting the results you need. That's because there's writing and there's writing. It's not even about creative writing either, because nice and flowery won't always work with certain types of copy. Yes, creative to a point, but you to need to be able to provide sales copy that matches the brand identity. You need to be able to understand how people interact with a website, prompt people to take action and drive more sales.

There's a value right there, a copywriter can save you the headache of a redundant website that isn't working for you and deliver a first class product to time, one that works for you and your business. You wouldn't tell a web designer you'll design the site yourself if you don't like the price (well you might, but you'd give yourself an even bigger headache), so put your faith in a copywriter to produce the written content. The words you put on your website are a valuable asset that will help get your business out there in such a way that you get results, so that your products or services are seen by a wider audience. The words, the taglines, headings, they all have to be crafted in such a way that people want to stay on the page, and people are a fickle bunch, they won't stick around long if you don't reel them in with carefully spun words.

So, the next time you need a copywriter, set as much value on the words they write as you would a website design or a new brand logo, because you'll only get as much as you put in, and all of it matters, especially the words.