Copywriting blogs

First posted on Wordpress 15 October, 2015 by Gillian

I find the constant pressure to write about copywriting in a weekly blog more stressful than writing for a client. It’s the seemingly constant need to write a ‘how to’ of 400 words or more, proselytising to the world of would-be copywriters about how to be successful. And then winning the approval of like-minded copywriters who nod vigorously in approval to my words.

Well written blog, well written comments

Much of it has been done a million times before, a well written blog with the headlines, the subtitles and the short carefully written paragraphs written in simple English that don’t confuse the reader with big words. The BIG conclusion at the end that really reels ‘em in, and then the comments. “Oh great blog, John, that’s exactly what I was thinking.’ ‘But I’d just like to make this point….’, ‘Yes, that happened to me.’ ‘Amazing blog there John, well done!’ And no my name isn’t John, you know what I mean.

Copywriting blogs are prescriptive – it’s all been done before

It’s all pretty prescriptive, just sell your knowledge on your website and give the impression to the world that you’re an expert on all aspects of copywriting. Future clients and junior copywriters will be reaching for the phone, eager to book your services and seek your advice.

Copywriting blog – is it a game I want to play?

I want to play the game I really do, after all there’s nothing better than having a full house of clients, and I want it to continue that way. But surely there’s a better, more interesting way of doing things?

I like to make things difficult for myself…

1/ I don’t really want to reveal any secrets I may have learnt over the past few years. If I have an arsenal of skills to charm a client, then I’m certainly not going to reveal them on here for everyone else to steal them.

2/ I’m not going to talk about my mistakes, and how I learnt from them and became a brilliant copywriter (what a load of old cobblers), it may be interesting, helpful even, but I’d rather keep it to myself if it’s all the same to you.

3/ I’d rather write about something else. Surely there are other ways of showing a client you’re good at what you do, simply with good writing, whatever the subject may be. Sometimes it feels a bit crass to spend my time bragging about how good I am on a weekly basis.

4/Yes, this is the place to advertise my skills, and copywriting blogs tell the potential client how much you know and how well you’ll carry out his potential project.

I get it. But I don’t want to have to do it each and every week.

Who knows? Perhaps I’m wrong or I just got out of bed the wrong side this morning.

Today I’m going to write about something else…

All I know is that I’d rather write about something else today, and that’s exactly what I’m going to do.

I just have to think of something first…….