Jack of all Trades - sometimes it's good to be different

Having started copywriting a few years ago, I often wished I'd come from a marketing background. However, I live somewhere where there is little industry, with most jobs in the public sector. This means that if you stick around, you're likely to end up in nursing, teaching or admin. This is great for those who want a job for life, and especially for those in admin, because despite how old and tired your IT skills might be, or how little or how much work you do, you'll still have a job for life.


I did have that for a while, but it wasn't for me, and although my current job doesn't carry with it the same security, I am happier. I have had different jobs and different training over the years and if I was a romantic, I might believe it was all for this moment, to be a Jack of all Trades in the copywriting business, with a whole lot of different experiences from which to draw from.

Being a single parent made it difficult to settle on anything in the early days because I was reliant on babysitters and nursery placements, so I focused first on my education, then on finding a job, it was a rollercoaster ride of studying, working and parenting.

I studied early modern history with a view to teaching, which had to go on the back burner while I continued as a parent.  I worked in a university library for several years while my daughter was young, and when I did finally get to do my teaching course (PGCE Early Years), I couldn't find a job locally, despite people's incredulity - "everybody needs a teacher!"

From there I spent what I thought at the time, was a short stint doing office work in the NHS as a medical secretary, until my daughter was a little older, and I could find a teaching job away. I just needed a few months to save. Then I stayed for 10 years, finally working my way up to management dealing with information governance issues. I wrote policies, guidelines, procedures and created all my own training materials. I trained adults in data protection and freedom of information as part of my job and I did my own marketing. Yes, I finally got there. I loved finding different ways to train people, to get people interested in what was basically a dry and boring topic.

I created PowerPoint presentations, quizes, surveys, talked in front of people in lecture rooms up to a hundred and answered queries on data protection, privacy and confidentiality issues from executives to general staff. I specifically dealt with mental health services and the police mostly, and I had small meetings with clinical staff sitting in on both research and ethics comittees.

And then I left. I'd had enough, complete burnout, stressed and the organisation was going through vast changes which had taken far too long. Currently, the Trust I worked for is in special measures, and ironically, they're thinking of changing everything back to the way it was before.

Anyway, I left and did an MA in Creative Practice, and here I am all those years later, a Jack of all Trades making a living as a digital copywriter. Who would have thought?

So if you want a few projects done for your business that require policies and procedures, training materials, web copy and a few articles and blogs written then use me, it's a lot easier than going to a lot of different people when you can get it done by one person.

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