Make your About Me Page shine......when copywriters talk pages

Make your About ME page count

Make your About ME page count

A good About Me Page is the personality behind your brand. It tells people who you are and what you’re about. It’s the beating heart of your website and humanizes your business. By crafting it a certain way, by filling it with personality and character you can make it work for you, and work as hard as any home or sales page.

What people often don’t realize is that an About Me Page doesn’t have to be a revealing tell all about your personal life and why you left your husband - well, unless it’s relevant, while on the other hand it doesn’t have to be a boring chronological list of your academic achievements and vaccinations since you were five either.

If something is relevant to why you started your business, if it fits the narrative, then use it, but make sure it’s relevant to your brand, product or services. Tie it in with some intelligent reasoning as to why it’s relevant to your story. For instance, if something in your childhood, or perhaps an incident at work gave you the idea to start your business, use it, don’t be too over-sentimental and drag it out.

Don't let your about me page bore people.......let it fascinate and inform....and sell!!!

Don't let your about me page bore people.......let it fascinate and inform....and sell!!!

Sadly a lot of About Me Pages ARE extremely boring, which is a shame really because it’s probably not a true reflection of the person behind the business. They say nothing about your attitude, your quirky personality or style, your business, or what you can do for your customers.

Soooo.....with this in mind...

Start off your page with an attention grabbing headline and possibly some great pictures (get some professional head-shots). An attention grabbing headline should be something about the great benefits of your product or service to reel in your target audience.

Videos are great to go through your process and how you like to do business. If you’re in the business of appearing in front of a camera, you may not find this too much of a problem. I may be stereotyping here, being yourself is different to pretending to be someone else, but you may be more confident in front of the lens. If not, don’t do it and find another way of presenting yourself or what you do. It could be a case study about what your product or service did for a client, (without you being in it, you could just narrate) a demonstration of your service at work.

Feel like a deer in front of a set of headlights when you think of video??  You're not the only one!

Feel like a deer in front of a set of headlights when you think of video??

You're not the only one!

I’m not a great fan of video myself, because personally, I’d rather throw myself into ongoing traffic than be in front of a camera. I am coming round however to using animation videos to market my business, but that’s just me. What it demonstrates, I think, is that you can use whatever works for you, the more original and unique the better.

If you’re not used to using video as a medium then it could be an awkward experience, the nightmare scenario is of you talking inanely into a camera for half an hour erring and harrumphing your way through a tedious monologue, trying to adjust the lighting, all the while sweating like a glass blower trapped in a windowless shed, and showing your audience you have absolutely no idea how turn anything on. I do see this from time to time, and it’s a real shame.

And by then of course you’ve started to shine like a party balloon. 🎈

Please let this nightmare end...

Do not fear though, because you could use it as an opportunity to showcase your products or services. You don’t even have to make an appearance if you find it that abhorrent.

Whatever you decide to do…..

Keep your About Me Page relevant and be honest, no pork pies (lies), back up what you’re saying with work samples or testimonials from previous clients.

And finally, I know it says About Me, but it’s not really about you it’s about THEM. So you shouldn’t really be giving people a long and laborious back history of your education and qualifications.

People want to know how you can help them.

It's a balance really, a bit about you that's charming, funny, intelligent, and a LOT about how you, your product and service can help the reader...

So make sure you know your customer’s pain points, and most importantly, how you can solve them.

Let your About Me Page help you and your business shine, and if you need help writing it, you can always call me!

Because I could create THE most excellent About Me Page for you......