New Year, new trends, new adventures

Is there a reason and a purpose to what you're doing?

Is there a reason and a purpose to what you're doing?

With a new year comes new worries and concerns about what it will bring, especially if you’re a freelancer, and especially for me as a copywriter. In the first few weeks of the year, I like to check out all the predictions on developments for the coming months, what’s in, what’s out, and how can you stay ahead. Nothing ever really changes that much, blogs are short one minute and then longer the next. We hear about how keyword stuffing short blogs will soon be a thing of the past and that we’re going to be providing long form content. And yes, that is what I want to talk about mostly in this post, so look away now if you’re not bothered (but you kind of should be).

Long or short posts - let there be great content and a reason for it being there

Long or short posts - let there be great content and a reason for it being there

Long or short posts? Yes, yes, yes I hear you, but that doesn’t necessarily mean it should be that way for every blog you post from here on in. Sometimes a shorter blog is enough, and it’s entirely between you, the copywriter, and the client, on what you think is going to be best. After all, it all depends on what you’re writing, the purpose, the end goal. No, complicated topics perhaps won’t work so well on shorter posts – or won’t they? Really depends on a lot of things, on which angle do you want to approach the topic, are you covering the whole subject in one go or just a certain part of it?

Let me take you on a journey….
You might want to take the client on a journey, where at the end of it you’ll have led them to the final answer – one that your business can fulfill. Along the way, you can tease out the information, convey certain aspects of what you do so your audience will eventually understand why what you do really matters, and see it as an essential. No matter whether you make the whole aeroplane, or simply supply the screws.

Are you paying someone to blog just for the hell of it? Yes, long posts are great, but if there’s no real reason for them being there, then why are you providing them, because someone online told you that’s what you’re supposed to be doing, that’s the trend for 2017? What’s important isn’t the length of your articles/blogs but the aim of your marketing, the purpose, what it is you’re trying to achieve and the end goal. What are you setting out to do? If it’s just to fill the void with words, don’t bother, your potential audience will soon get bored and move on. No one wants to hear you ramble.

Let there always be a reason and a purpose

Do you have a new product to launch, or a new business venture to share? Let there be a reason why you’re blogging about it. Don’t launch into weekly blogging purely because someone told you it was a great idea. You could also launch a brochure, an ebook or leaflet to go alongside it - how does it work? how will it look? why should anyone care?

Whatever the trend make sure you have a plan

Whether it’s influencer marketing, demonstration videos, geo-targeting, stories, memes or gifs, let there be purpose, a reason, an end goal. Don’t do any of these things without a solid reason and a plan behind it.

And then hire a good copywriter…

Don’t get me wrong, work is work, but if you just pay someone to blog randomly, you might as well flush your money down the toilet. Make sure you have a proper marketing plan in place – and then why not give me a call?

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