One less than perfect day can win the week. A copywriter feels unmotivated on a Monday

Yesterday I felt lethargic, like I had the energy levels of a clam and the motivation of a skirting board. When I feel like this I often feel slightly panicky, when will I get back to speed, motivated enough to work quicker and feel like my old productive self again?

However, I chose to battle on, and so I did, plodding on gradually throughout the day, albeit slowly. My productivity was half of what it usually is, but the quality of what I did produce was good.

Was this enough? Yes.

The reason why I say this is because I know that the alternative would have been me feverishly trying to catch up with myself, feeling increasingly frustrated by my own lack of speed and motivation, and trying to apply myself to a million different tasks. The end result would have been a day where I didn't win, and nothing was really started or finished - so I settled for a small win.

There's some truth in the saying that more haste means less speed, because when you're feeling like I was yesterday, nothing is achieved. It comes back to the tortoise and the hare again, that Aesop magic that I love, that sometimes going at a slower pace wins the day.

I know it's not easy when you're self-employed, time is money, and a day doing nothing can cost you dearly, but rather than do nothing, trying to get on top of just one job is better than trying to do many badly.

The end result was that I felt satisfied I'd done something, and that tomorrow was another day.  One day's lethargy can turn into a week's marathon of winning. 

You can't let one less than perfect day get you down, and that way you can prepare yourself for many better ones. And on that note....I have work to do.