ASMR or autonomous sensory meridian response is all about pleasure, mainly the sights, sounds and sensations that bring relief from anxiety, panic attacks and depression. Your chosen sight, sound or sensation will bring pleasurable tingles to the back of the skull, head or back, in those places where a little tactile or cognitive stimuli go a long way.

There is no real science behind it, and no scientific evidence to support it, but for some crazy reason, it works for me.

Aside from brain and spine tingle, there’s talk of brain orgasms, not sure I’ve quite got there yet, but when I’m feeling stressed, it sure does make me feel better.

There are hundreds of videos on YouTube with binaural whispering, crinkling of empty packets, fingers tapping on hard surfaces and hair brushing. Oddly enough there’s also role playing (yes, I see you raise your eyebrows at that one), but I can’t say I’m particularly interested in that area of ASMR.

The whispering is done into a microphone where they can whisper into each end so you hear it in each ear, so you need headphones to get the best effect. Whispering, softly spoken words and slow talking is all in the delivery and has quite a hypnotic effect.

There is also white noise effects which can have a calming effect when feeling stressed. There’s whole set of YouTube videos and podcasts of hoovers, hairdryers to listen to - yes I know, very strange. White noise is known to send babies to sleep, so they’ve been designed to be played to them if you’re having a hard time getting them to sleep at night. 

Personally, I stick to the hoovers, vacuum cleaners and the odd bit of whispering from Corina Rachel and a little hypnotic slow talking from Dr Dimitri, but that’s it. I steer clear of everything else.

Russell Brand has had some interesting things to say about it, which made me laugh, and I do agree in part with a lot of what he says, because there are some clips on there that border on the erotic.

I wouldn’t say I’m particularly sophisticated either just because I can distinguish it from porn, or lonely or disconnected - just freakishly anxious, which is something I’ve battled with for years.

Yes, it all sounds quite mad, but if it works why not?

However, I know I'm going to get as fed up and bored with this as I do with everything else.

ASMR or ACT, CBT (acceptance and commitment therapy), mindfulness, whatever.....