Copywriting, spring and changing direction

Copywriting, spring and changing direction

A month has gone by and I’ve not written anything on my copywriting blog. The reason, or excuse (if you want to be harsh) is this that I’ve been busy, which is a blessed relief in comparison to January, the worst and most desolate of months of the year, oh apart from August, that’s something else to look forward to. A time when everyone vacates the ‘building’ and goes on vacation, the big quiet until the pre-Christmas frenzy.

Where does the time fly though, because we find ourselves on the cusp of spring, and the turning back of clocks. As I move happily into the spring months my thoughts turn to how business will be this year, what changes I need to make and what areas I need to focus on. A spring clean, so to speak, of my year ahead.

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Happiness as a freelance copywriter


I spend my time helping client’s websites to thrive so their businesses will be a success, and in turn this helps me to be a success too, it’s a relationship based on mutual benefits. By working as a freelance copywriter, I get to live a better quality of life, I get flexibility in how and when I work. In return I make sure clients get to see a better more sophisticated version of themselves, always showing off their products and services in the best light.

Ideally, you want to work with a client long-term, you get to know them better that way, you get to know their products, their services, and by developing long-term relationships, you gain long-term knowledge. It’s the kind of knowledge you can use to best effect, it’s a jungle out there, and you want to make sure that like cream, they rise to the surface. You work hard to make sure they stay at the top, always looking for better ways to do it. As you learn, you become a better copywriter, constantly acquiring new skills so you’re better equipped to do the job, and able to do it even better. When the next job comes along after this one comes to an end, you’re bigger and stronger than you were in the last one.

You’re constantly refining your skills, and as a result each new client gets a better version of the one that went before. It’s almost as if you're a computer application that gets updated regularly and improves with each new update.

When you get the client at the start of a job and you learn about their product or service, you get to see what’s important to them, and suddenly it becomes important to you. Their problems are your problems, they want to succeed, you want them to succeed, you’re their go to writer who doesn’t just throw a few flowery sentences down on a blank screen, you’re the one that carefully crafts each sentence, each word, so it fits in a way that it should. It gets that message across about just how amazing and brilliant their product is, how it’ll change lives and really make a difference. Getting it right is not only satisfying it’s like winning a prize. You get to walk away victorious, your client increases sales and makes some money, it’s a mutually beneficial ending to what has hopefully been a perfect fit.

And yes, sometimes you do feel sad when that working relationship comes to an end. It’s almost like the end of a romance, you reluctantly wave goodbye and move on to the next client. You’re bigger, better and wiser than you were before, or so you like to think. The next client is going to get a new version of the writer you were before, and it’s all to play for on the next project.