Spring break and time to reflect

    I always make a point of having at least a couple of days off over any holiday period. When you're self-employed it's easy to get carried away with the work schedule and continue until you're fit to drop. When you carry on like this you'll have no energy left, and once the energy reserves are dry, you'll come to a stop. 

    When you love your job as much as I love mine, you have to know when it's time to take a break. You have to recognise the signs of fatigue and go with the flow. Even a couple of days off make can make all the difference, so you're ready to tackle the daily grind once more. Naturally it's a different story if you have deadlines to reach over the holiday period, but you should really take off at least a weekend to refuel.

    For instance, today after having the weekend off, I've had a nice long run, later I'm going to read, relax and prepare for the week ahead. I don't find it easy, for I'm constantly trying not to listen to that voice in my head that tells me I really should just get back to my computer and work. 

    But if I don't rest then I won't be the only one that suffers, so will my clients. And I know that when I return to my desk in the morning, I'll be fully recharged and ready to tackle whatever the week is ready to throw at me. And I'm always at my best when I'm feeling fully rested and energy levels restored.

    i hope you've enjoyed the Easter break and eaten your fill of chocolate Easter eggs. I certainly have.

    So remember, this fully recharged copywriter is offering the following until May:


    Landing pages - £250 each


    About pages - £250 each


    You know where to find me.


    Don't crash and burn.

    Copywriting, spring and changing direction

    Copywriting, spring and changing direction

    A month has gone by and I’ve not written anything on my copywriting blog. The reason, or excuse (if you want to be harsh) is this that I’ve been busy, which is a blessed relief in comparison to January, the worst and most desolate of months of the year, oh apart from August, that’s something else to look forward to. A time when everyone vacates the ‘building’ and goes on vacation, the big quiet until the pre-Christmas frenzy.

    Where does the time fly though, because we find ourselves on the cusp of spring, and the turning back of clocks. As I move happily into the spring months my thoughts turn to how business will be this year, what changes I need to make and what areas I need to focus on. A spring clean, so to speak, of my year ahead.

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