Creating quality web copy for your site should always be a high priority

Listen, I'm going to talk about web copy and the importance of getting it right, and let's not underestimate how important it is. It's often the case that people assume it's just a matter of writing about yourself and your business, and that anyone can do it. But to yield positive results you need high quality content that attracts the right type of audience, and the right type of audience will be the kind of customers you want to sell your products or services to. It's not something that can be rushed.

Question is, when we say 'quality', what exactly do we mean? In the main it can be broken down into a few relevant points. These can include knowing your audience well enough to provide them with content they will find useful and of value, and about demonstrating how you know what value your products or services bring to your customers/clients. It's about providing a unique and intelligent insight into your business, and providing your audience with original content that's been well-researched and validated, with sources that can be cited.


"Making money is art and working is art and good business is the best art." Andy Warhol



Get your website right first time and it'll reap dividends in the long-term

Also consider proofreading what you've created, looking out for typos, misspellings and grammatical errors. Don't underestimate the importance of proofreading and editing what you've written, because there's nothing more off putting than reading something that's littered with mistakes. It makes you look lazy, and if you don't care what goes on your website, can the same be said for your products or services? Your website visitors may think that, and they're going to move on pretty quickly. Ten seconds is the average time people spend on a website before moving on, so you need to have magnetic content that draws people in - instead of pushing them away. 

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Proofread and spellcheck everything

Make sure your web copy is as perfect as it can be

And no matter what people tell you, never use a blog or website content merely to improve search engine rankings alone, no matter how foolproof a plan it may seem. If your content is stuffed with keywords, then readers are going to spot that right away. Yes, you can use keywords, but there are intelligent ways of placing them within the content without making it abundantly obvious what you're doing. Subtlety is everything, make it classy, not cheap and nasty. You want your content to sound both intelligent and knowledgeable, not rushed and clumsy, placed there only to achieve one goal without considering its purpose, or your audience.

And if you have any offers, pop-ups, opt-ins, don't overdo it. There's nothing more off-putting than persistent pop ups coming up when you're trying to read the content on someone's website. For me personally, it's enough to drive me away, there's nothing wrong with opt-ins and offers, it can boost sales, but don't overdo it. You don't want to make your website so much hard work to read that people give up and go elsewhere. A website with constant pop-ups, flashing graphics and lurid colors is enough to make someone run for the hills....and as far away as possible from your website.

Ultimately, good quality content will win your potential customer's hearts. A demonstration of expertise in your craft, with friendly content that sets out to offer the customer value, and a solution to their pain points within a well designed website, will help your business to be a success online. 

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The web design is important, but secondary to the content

Make sure the design compliments and enhances the copy

And website design is important, although it is secondary to the content, and its goal should be to enhance the effectiveness of what you've written. The visuals should be clear, sharp and smooth, backed up with videos or links (not broken) to other areas of interest within the site.

Always consider your audience before you create your website content. Market research is key to getting to know your customers and understanding their needs. To have a well defined persona on your website, get to know your most important customers.

How are you going to target them?

  • Think about slogans, taglines that focus on the needs of your customer

An effective call to action

  • A call to action or CTA should be included in your tagline with value proposition


  • Yes, we've already referenced keywords once, so no keyword stuffing, but content that's relevant, full of value, interesting and educational, that has both clear and relevant keywords placed in such a way it doesn't look forced. 

All of the content on your website should be specifically be written with your target audience in mind, at the kind of people you want to reach, making sure it engages and persuades them to take those all important steps to becoming a regular and valued customer or client.

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Get all your bases covered

Get your web content right. Good to go on a desktop, tablet or mobile phone.


You want to target your audience in such a way that they see you as an authority on your subject, regardless of whether you sell toy trains or watches, or you’re a serviced based business providing coaching services. Once you’ve gained their trust, they’re going to make a commitment to invest in whatever it is you have to offer them.

If you’re running a business, if you’ve just started out and you’re looking for clients, then you may be finding it hard to find the time necessary to create quality content your website really needs to engage clients, and if you think you need help with that, why not take a look at any one of my packages and you can take the hard work and stress out of it all – and pass it on to me.