Website copy and a job completed

I take tremendous pride in my work. I like to make sure it's exactly to the client's requirements. It's a relief once its finished and you hand it over, but it's even better once you get to see it complete in its entirety - content matched to site.

That's when you know you've done the very best you could to create something special you can be proud of, something your client was able to use successfully.

Sometimes it's hard to imagine what it's going to look like once it's paired up. When you work with startups, sometimes you never get to see the final product. They go away and you never know whether it's gone live or whether they changed their minds and went another way.

Using wireframe software to create the content is a whole new experience for me, and something I'm currently exploring, as it can be difficult to imagine what it's going to look like once its live. Creating the content on a word document is such a sterile experience and isn't exactly inspirational.

It's always better to create the content first, before the design, that way the web designer can create the website around the content. If you've given a general outline of where you want the content to go, the CTA's, any links to other pages, then the web designer has an idea of how to build around it. Wireframe software allows you to do that. Not that I'm a web designer, far from it, all I do is give a skeleton of an idea of where I want everything to go, the designer will then create the site and there well be a few tweaks with both the content and the initial design. So as you can imagine, it's always good if the copywriter and the web designer can put their heads together.

However, if you do work alone, using wireframe software, or even if you draw it out on a piece of paper, however rudimentary that is, it gives clients some ideas of how to present the content to the web designer so both will marry well.

And it's great when it all comes together. It's now a beautifully matched whole.

And then of course I have to move on to the next client, and the next job, creating pictures in my mind and stirring up words with my keyboard. It's a wonderful thing this job and one I enjoy every day.

If you like, you can see some of the content I created here - and more over on my portfolio page.

And if you think you'd like to work with me why not give me a call, or drop me an email.

You know where to find me.


Web Content - Why is it so important?

You need compelling web copy to keep an audience engaged

You need compelling web copy to keep an audience engaged

If you’re creating a website for the first time for your business, then you’re probably looking to fill it with content. You may have hired a web designer, and now you’re looking for someone to provide the words. Perhaps the web designer is creating the content for you as part of a special offer, but it’s likely he’ll have hired a freelance copywriter to write it for you. Web designers don’t normally write content themselves, it’s a specialist service that’s usually provided by freelance copywriters. I know, I’m one of them.

Why should I care about what I write on my website?

You may be wondering why web content is so important, after all, it surely can’t be that different from reading in print. However, you’d be surprised, web content creation is a specialist skill, as it’s completely unlike what you read on the printed page. A web visitor, unlike someone reading a printed brochure, will prefer to skim rather than read the text. They’ll scan the content very quickly to find what they’re looking for and if they don’t, they’ll leave and go straight to another site. Some say that the time taken to do this is so short it can be as little as 5 seconds before they move on, with this being the case, it’s really important to get your visitor’s attention and keep it.

Question is, how do you do that?

How do you make sure a customer stays on your site so they are around long enough to see what you’re selling, be it products or services?  If you do find yourself in the position of writing your own content, there are a few things you need to think about first.

It’s important to create web content that engages an audience, so you need to make sure it’s:

A)   Relevant – if visitors are using one of the search engines they expect to find results which give them what they were looking for – anything irrelevant on your site and they’ll disappearand move on to someone else.

B)   Concise – Don’t ramble, get to the point and tell them what it is you can do for your potential customers. They want solutions and answers to their problems, and that should be provided by your products and/or services.

C)   Check for errors – Proofread everything you've written and if you’re unsure of your own proofreading skills, then get someone else to do it. It looks unprofessional if your content is full of errors, there’s nothing more off-putting to potential clients/customers than sloppy writing. Once you’ve finished writing it ask someone else to check it, a fresh pair of eyes can make all the difference.

D)  Place your most important information at the top of your web page – At the front and at the centre.

E)   Write with confidence for your audience – You need to make it's search engine friendly, using good, reliable SEO techniques. Don’t over-stuff the content with too many keywords and write confidently. These are your products or services, so it’s up to you to shout it from the rooftops and make people believe that what you have is an answer to their prayers. It also needs to be professional, friendly and polite.

F)   Use images - But please use images which are original, clear and professional looking. What you don’t want are those awful clip-art pictures of men and women in cheap suits grinning like a Cheshire cat. There are some reputable websites with stock images you can use without having to worry about copyright, and you could always take the pictures yourself. That way, you won’t have to worry about copyright at all.

It can be a real challenge creating content for your website, but at the end of the day, if it’s done well, it’ll pay dividends further down the line. If you feel that it’s really not your thing and you’re starting to worry about it, then get in touch with me. You’ll get a thorough professional job, I’ll ask all the right questions, and you’ll get a personal service you just won’t get from a large and impersonal digital agency. I can help you to develop strong and compelling website copy that engages your audience and gets you inbound leads that stick around.

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