There are some copywriting blogs worth reading

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If you’re starting out as a copywriter, then you may be like I was at the beginning, hungrily searching for copywriter’s success stories, hoping to glean some information on how to get there.

Personally, I don’t always enjoy writing copywriting blogs myself – but you canlearn a lot from some of a handful of the really good ones out there.

In the begining I read hundreds, some offering useful, practical advice, and some telling you how bloody marvellous they were, and how they were able to give up their jobs and live the life of plenty before the week was out.

There are some great copywriting blogs out there – but you need to know where they are

Those first useful, practical advice blogs I mentioned were often what got me through the bad times, especially at the very beginning, when I thought that perhaps I really should have stuck to the 9 – 5 and not taken any risks.

Advice and guidance from the professionals

There were blogs on what to do if a client didn’t pay, or how to cope when the odds were against you and it had gone a bit quiet. Who remembers how bad that was, especially at the beginning, when nobody told you that it might happen every now and again? Or what to do if you had a demanding client, and you thought it was all your fault? You know, in the first few weeks when you’d balance a biscuit on the end of your nose to please a client, and that awful feeling when you realised there was nothing you could do to please them at all. Yes, those blogs on how to back away with dignity and how to pick yourself back up were always helpful.

Get rich quick   

No, you don’t become successful that quickly

The second lot of blogs were a dime a dozen. Sooo tempting to read, such a quick and easy confidence boost, like an instant sugar fix. You feel really good about yourself again, but at some point you come crashing down to the same place you were before. You know all about it don’t you, you’ve been reading them just like I did? They tell you what you already knew, they state the obvious, and then tell you how much they’re earning now.

But really, is it that easy?

Only in your dreams

Yes, it is possible to be successful, yes it is possible to have lots of clients, but it takes time. It may be less time for some and more time for others. It really depends on how much marketing experience you bring to the table before you start, either that, or recommendations from people you know, word of mouth is a beautiful thing, and it works. If you don’t have that to start with, then yes it will be hard to begin with.

It takes hard work and determination to get there

I had none of those things, I started from scratch, from level zero and it took a long, long time, and I’m still not a hero. My story is one of struggle, mistakes and learning from them. I’m better for it and I think I’m a better copywriter as a result.

If you feel like that too, then you’ll definitely succeed, just get your nose to the grindstone and market, market, market yourself. Or as they say in welsh get your ‘trwyn ar y maen.’

It can be done, but don’t listen to the I-became-a-copywriter-in-10-minutes-and-this-is-how-you-do-it.

But these are the copywriting blogs you SHOULD be reading

There are some brilliant, experienced copywriters out there who do blog, and the only ones I relied on, trusted and listened to, and here is my list, so whenever you’re up against it, read their blogs, and you’ll definitely learn something.