Landing Pages, About Me Pages and climbing out of a rut

Sometimes it can feel like some changes in life are too many changes by far. But you realize that to evolve, to get better, to move on, change is inevitable and necessary. This is especially true when it comes to running a business. You can get too fond of being in one place, so much so that before you realise it you're stuck in a rut so deep, it's going to take a long time and a lot of digging to climb back out of it.

But when you do finally get out there's that inevitable moment when you stare bleakly into the sunlight, trying to adjust your gaze, you're slightly dazed, confused and trying hard to dust yourself down. You take in what's around you, assimilate where you are, and where you need to go next. It can seem daunting, terrifying even. There's always going to be that period of adjustment, that time when you have to assess how you got to where you are, where you need to go next, and where you really want to be.

Once you've done that you can start moving ever forward, inexorably towards your ideal destination. There'll be bumps along the way and you might find that sometimes you'll feel like giving up, that's it's not worth the hard work and determination to persevere. It may seem there's another way that seems easier, more attractive, but if you're anywhere near as stubborn as I am, you'll keep on going, ever forward, with only one goal in mind - success.

In my situation for instance I decided to change direction slightly with what services I offered, and I too have had to climb out of the rut or trench, whatever you want to call it, and stare into the sunlight, blink a little and take it all in. I think I made the right decision, because now I'm squeaky clean and ready for a challenge. I want to spread my wings and show you what I'm made of. Move onwards and upwards and take a few people with me for the journey.

I was thinking of prospective clients initially, someone out there who's looking for that helpful nudge towards success, because I believe I'm the copywriter for you. Someone who's intuitive, quick thinking, with an eye on technology and the future all at the same time.

I can either make money for someone with a stonkingly amazing sales page, or create words that help explain or expand on what you're about and what your brand identity is..such as an About Me page. About Me pages give the reader a real insight into who's behind the business, it gives them the incentive to try what you're offering, because they can see what you're really about and what it is you wanted to achieve by starting a business in the first place. And I don't mean a long-winded page about how you persevered at hockey or how many A levels you got and how good you look in a suit either, we're talking about a slick page full of interesting bite sized information that informs and reveals the person behind the brand, the personality behind the products. Don't for one minute think that About Me pages don't make a difference, or that they're any less important than your Home Page, because they're a vital part of your marketing arsenal.

A Landing Page on the other hand can help you if you're promoting a new product or course and you want people to sign up, or if you've written a book on an area of expertise. Something that's eye catching, attention grabbing with a stupendously good call to action that reels them in.

You see, I know I'm good, although I will question you endlessly and tirelessly until I get enough information to make your pages work. Because there's no point in me typing a load of hoo-haa off the bat that's not worth jack shit. We want it to work don't we?

So, plenty of questions, but a quick turnaround after the initial interrogation and a page that could make all the difference.

So right now I'm offering any prospective client a trial offer which ends 10th May 2017. I'm going to offer any Landing Page or About Me page at £250/$310 each for the first 5 clients that get in touch. So you can either have an About Me page or Landing Page for £250/$310, they won't be staying at that price for long, well for a month, before I put my prices up.

So if you are also climbing out of the trenches and looking into the sun and assessing where you are and where you want to be...get in touch, it could be the difference between staying in the rut you're in or getting out into the open and onwards towards success. One page, one fixed price and you could be doing better, because you may not know much about writing, or have the time to write - but I do. I've got all day.

Don't take my word for it - get in touch... today.

Landing Page           £250/$310 each


About Me Page         £250/$310 each

Before May 10th 2017.

Homepages & Landing Pages - they both serve a different purpose

It really depends on what it is you want to achieve, and it's important you understand the difference. If you want leads for a new product or service, then learning to use both these types of page is mandatory for good inbound marketing results. However, they can both serve different purposes. A homepage can be an introduction to your whole business and a suite of different products and/or services you provide, while a landing page is most commonly used for specific campaigns launches.

Ideally, all your web pages need to have a role in the prospective customer’s journey, and you must consider the difference stages they go through before they’re ready to commit. This can start with seeing the product for the first time, then moving on to the thinking stage, shall-I-or-shan’t-I leave the site, do I-really-need-this?, and then finally the decision-making bit where they decide whether or not they’re going to make that purchase.

Let’s start with the homepage of your website

When people visit your website, the homepage is the first thing they see, it’s the hallway of your house, it’s here that they’re welcomed, they might take a quick look around briefly before deciding whether or not to take up your invitation to explore further. Whether they stick around depends largely on your homepage, and whether what you’re offering is interesting enough to hold their attention.

Therefore, first impressions count. It would seem that your visitors, when they arrive on your site, can spend as little as 10 seconds before they make that all-important decision on whether to quit. What you have on your homepage then is crucial in holding their attention. What you need is to make it so attractive they can’t pull themselves away. You need to convince them that what you have is exactly what they need, that you have the solutions to their problems, and that essentially, you’re one step ahead of your competitors.

Your homepage, must at the very least, connect with your visitors and encourage them to stick around and take a longer journey around your website.

Your homepage then is at the seeing your products for the first-time stage, and the message you have must reflect this. You need to have a homepage that delivers results and over time improves on the results you get each week, each month.


The Landing Page

The major objective of your landing page is for visitors to buy a product you've just launched, or to commit to a series of emails or newsletters, with the end goal of retaining their custom.

Your landing page will live separately from your website and is designed exclusively to receive campaign traffic. So, if you have a new product or service to launch that is additional to your main business and current website, then a landing page is ideal. This separation from a homepage means that it can be focused solely on a single objective.

A landing page, unlike a homepage, will not have links to other parts of your site, any other links are a distraction from the job in hand and will potentially dilute your message, thus reducing your conversion rates.

Your landing page is a standalone page with no ties to your website, access will be via a link from an email or an advert you’ve created.

There are two types of landing page, a lead generation landing page and a click through page, this can be a conduit which leads to a shopping cart where visitors can make a purchase. The former, a lead generation landing page, will capture information from you in exchange for something else. For example, they may take your email address and in return give you access to an eBook, a series of emails, or free pdf guide or it might be a subscription to a monthly newsletter.

Match the message to your page

Whether you use an PPC advert or a sales email, always make sure the message and any images you use match the landing page. If it doesn’t, it can lead to confusion for the visitor, and online visitors are a fickle bunch, if they can’t understand why your landing page doesn’t match the advert they’ve just been attracted to enough to click on, then they’ll move on pronto. And that means your leads have gone. This means you could potentially end up with a higher bounce rate and a lower conversation rate – and that’s not good.

Banner Advert/sales email   =    Matches with Landing Page

Remember the following points when creating a landing page:

  • What are you offering?
  • What is your campaign about?
  • What is the strongest selling point, and how can you convey this without superfluous    waffle?
  • Can you leave anything out, so only the main points are included?
  • Does the message in your sales email or advert match the copy on your landing page?
  • Do the images match those on your landing page?
  • Don’t forget that all important Call to Action - don't place it too far down the page.

If you’d like me to create a superior landing page for your campaign, a page that really captures the important aspects of your product or service, highlighting the most important selling points and finishing with a superior call to action, get in touch.

I can either create the landing page AND provide the copy on your website or just supply the content. It's entirely up to you, but what you WILL get is an excellent service and hands on approach I give all my clients.

Or some website copy - I can provide smooth, beautifully engaging copy for your site that will keep visitors on the page for better conversion rates. or 07513642292