The Small business Package

If you're a small company with a website that needs the holiday treatment with some festive branding, or any other holiday we've got coming up (there's a few), The Small Business Package is the perfect answer. Get some content strategy, brand new web pages and some positive changes - quotes on request.



The Veritable Feast Package

Need more web content that will attract and then keep new clients? My Veritable Feast Package has everything you need for any occasion, be it Thanksgiving, Halloween, Bonfire Night or Christmas, with articles as well as newsletters or email sequences. Quotes on request.




The Smooth Journey Package

The Smooth Journey Package is for businesses who want to make sure that every single product they have available for the holiday season (whichever holiday that is) is as perfectly presented as it can be, and words are every bit as important as the image. Product descriptions, brochure copy and flyers are available in this package. Quotes on request.



The Perfect Delivery Package

The Perfect Delivery Package is for bigger marketing campaigns that need to guarantee success, Christmas springs to mind here, and the earlier you start the better. 
Maximize your profits and performance with both short and long-form sales letters and pages. Quotes on request plus royalties.