Coaches, Non-governmental organisations, Research Institutes, Charities

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Different strokes for different folks...

So, I'm a copywriter and I'll work with anyone who needs my services, but ideally, I'd like to work with NGOs, Research Institutes, Charities and Coaches.

Basically - 

If you're a coach with an established business and you need to brush up existing web pages which are no longer working for you, then my expertise with web copy can help. 

If you're an NGO, charity or research organisation and you have a service, campaign, or product to launch - then my web copy can help with that.

What kind of coach are you?

You can be any kind of coach, and you'll be looking to change certain aspects of people's lives for the better.

NGO's, Research Institutes and Charities - who?

I'd love to work with any of the above, regardless of what the research, charity or organisation is, but I have a personal interest in homelessness, women's issues and health.

 You'll understand what a copywriter is and the value they bring. And because you understand the value of working with a copywriter you'll have a budget set aside for this area of your business, organisation, institute or charity.

You're friendly and communicative and enjoy collaboration. You're not looking for advice, you're looking to work with someone for a short or long period of time to get your business, course, campaign, service, or product in the public eye. 

I can only work with so many clients, so I have to choose carefully who I work with. If you think you fit the criteria above, please get in touch.

You can do this in one of several ways - 

  • you can email me at
  • you can fill in the form on my contact page (phone calls by appointment only)
  • get in touch via Twitter - @TywysogesEwrop or my Facebook business page Taith Copywriting UK